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正规官方炸金花appDepartment of Food Technology, Nutrition and Consumer Sciences (DFTNCS) is one of the six departments and one unit in the College of Agriculture (CoA). It is one of its kind in the country and involved in teaching, research, consultancy and outreach in Food, Human nutrition and Consumer sciences. In terms of student enrolment the Department is among the largest in the University.

It boasts 38 full-time academic staff, also being the most gender balanced Department with 50% males and 50% females. It is renowned for its excellence in teaching and research as indicated by the very positive feedback from industry and from an inter-disciplinary employment base. Our staff and students have achieved national and international recognition from the quality of our work demonstrated by the number of research papers or articles published yearly. Our senior academic staffs are periodically involved reviewing scientific articles for a number of regional and international food and nutrition research journals. Our research themes often cut across different departments. Major areas of expertise include Food processing, Food safety, new product development, Nutrition assessment, Nutrition for special needs, Home economics, Catering and hospitality, and Consumer protection. We would appreciate to hear from you, so kindly get in touch.

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