Ufugaji Samaki

正规官方炸金花appDate: 18/11/2019

正规官方炸金花appThe Department of Agricultural Extension and Community Development trains students to become the best communicators. The following link


正规官方炸金花appDate: 18th November 2019

正规官方炸金花appSokoine University of Agriculture has developing a reputation of producing fruit plants consumed throughout Tanzania. The Department of Agricultural Extension and Community Development has been training thousands of students on how to best communicate to the public. The following is a link showing a video clip that will introduce you to some techniques on grafting.

Kilimo Bora Cha Maharage

Date: 18th November 2019

Would you like to learn about growing beans? Click he following link for an interesting video clip that has been prepared by the students taking EE 202: Extension Methods:

Kilimo Nje ya Msimu

Date: 18th November 2019

正规官方炸金花appThe Department of Agricultural Extension and Community Development trains students on how to best communicate their messages. See the following link:

Welcome first year


正规官方炸金花appDate: 18th November 2019

The Department of Agricultural Extension and Community Development would like to welcome all first years who have joined our department to pursue Applied Extension for the academic year 2019/2020. Agricultural extension is an interesting program that conjoins communication and educational dimensions to enable farmers and peasants improve their quality of life. As such, extension is an on-going process of getting useful information to people  (communication) to assist them acquire the necessary knowledge (education) (cognitive domain),skills (psychomotor domain), and Attitudes (Affective domain).

The educational component involves three domains: Knowledge (cognitive) domain dealing with intellectual or mental skills; skills (psychomotor) domain dealing with acquisition of physical or manual skills; and Attitude (Affective) domain that deals with feelings, and values of the clients. Extension experts and practitioners engage in the educational component by assisting people to learn. Communication involves getting useful information to clients. Within that context, extensionist ensures successful passage of a message or information from one person to another. It is not until a message, has been successfully interpreted by a target audience, that one can claim to have communicated.

Thus, communication is that proportion of the message or information, which is shared between the sender and the receiver. Extension experts and practitioners strive to establish commonage between their fields of experiences and the field of experiences of their clients. Welcome to the club of change agents.


正规官方炸金花app21 May 2019

We would like to inform the public that BSc. Applied Agricultural Extension has been alignend with TCU UQF format and has been approved sinc 21st May 2019. You are welcome to visit the following page for details: http://www.sdlpg.com/aaee/index.php